Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women. We are one of the best Breast care centre in Madurai, South Tamilnadu . Early detection is the first step towards cure in breast cancer, breast screening finds cancers early. Regular breast self examination to assess for any abnormality and Mammography, which can detect breast changes at an early stage is strongly recommended. Breast cancer surgery involves removing the tumor and nearby margins to reduce the risk of the cancer coming back and to stop its spread. It is usually the first treatment for breast cancer, although sometimes chemotherapy or hormone therapy is offered first to shrink the cancer so that surgery may be less extensive. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing comprehensive and highly specialized treatment for all types of breast problems. At Madurai breast Care in South Tamilnadu, you are encompassed by the quality of the best group in the nation who treat the entire individual and not simply the diseases.We are providing various type of treatment to cure cancer following below:

Best Breast Cancer Care Centre in Madurai

Medical Oncology

Our hospital is equipped with a specialized medical oncology team with nurses trained in the administration of chemotherapeutic agents for the past 30 years. The unique feature of our chemotherapy system is giving the right drug in the right dosage to the right patient.

Breast Cancer Care in South Tamilnadu


Our surgical oncology team is the most experienced team in the entire south Tamilnadu having performed more than 30,000 cancer surgical operations. Our recurrence rate is less than 5% which is in par with international standards. Our area of specialization are Breast Surgery, Head & Neck surgery, Gynaecological surgery, musculoskeletal and gastrointestinal surgeries.

Best Breast Cancer Care Centre in Madurai


Our hospital is the only hospital in the entire south Tamilnadu to have a Lady Radiation Oncologist in private sector. Our Radiation Oncologist is trained from Cancer Institute (WIA), Adyar, having special expertise in IMRT, IGRT and brachytherapy techniques.

Breast Cancer Care in South Tamilnadu


Chemotherapy uses drugs which interfere with the growth and division of malignant cells. Once these drugs are administered, they circulate throughout the body and hence this is more advantageous in the management of cancers that have spread throughout the body like leukemia, lymphomas, and testicular cancers. Essentially the treatment of cancer is multidisciplinary with combinations of Surgery, Radiation Therapy and Chemotherapy in a specific sequence depending on the disease site and stage.

Best Breast Cancer Care Centre in Madurai

Hormone Therapy

Hormone Therapy has limited use in cancer treatment since only a small minority of tumours are hormone sensitive e.g. breast and prostate cancer. This therapy provides systemic means of treatment, i.e. to the whole body, but without the side effects of chemotherapy.

Breast Cancer Care in South Tamilnadu


Immunotherapy is a form of treatment which stimulates the body's immune system to destroy cancer cells. It is expensive, and useful only in a few tumours such as melanomas (type of skin cancer) and renal cancers.

Best Breast Cancer Care Centre in Madurai

Cancer detection facilities

Our hospital is equipped with state of art mammogram to detect early breast cancer. We also have ultrasound and endoscope facilities. We are pioneers in file needle and trucut biopsy in this part of the world. And our Chairman Dr. B.K.C Mohan Prasad popularized these techniques in the entire south Tamilnadu. Cancer is detectable within minutes using fine needle and trucut biopsy.

Obstetrics & gynaecology

All basic and advanced gynaecological surgeries under experienced doctor, 24hrs obstetric care with advanced monitoring systems. Infertility workup and treatment. Gynaecological oncology. Preventive gynaecology and adolescent gynaecology . Painless labour - 24 hrs availability with dedicated labour suite and operation theatre.

Surgery and minimally invasive surgery

Basic and advanced general and minimally invasive procedures under highly experienced surgeons . All types of major and minor surgeries with 24 hrs emergency care and dedicated staffs, ICU care, ventilator support. Diabetic foot care surgery & management.


All types of orthopedic and trauma surgeries with C-ARM facility, spine surgeries, joint replacement surgeries, pediatric orthopedics. 24 hrs lab, X-ray, dedicated theatre separately for orthopedic surgery.

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